Our Adult Seating and Chair Solutions

We offer the most up-to-date selection of adult seating solutions including wheelchairs, comfort chairs, bed chairs, rise & recline chairs, shower chairs and office chairs. Our adult chairs have been developed and engineered to offer optimum quality, safety, pressure management and support and our team of experienced wheelchair and seating therapists can provide a comprehensive and quality assessment.


Adult Wheelchair

At less than 10kg this adult wheelchair is not only incredibly lightweight but the patented frame design provides a ride so incredibly responsive it is sure to not disappoint. No other folding titanium wheelchair offers the combination of lightweight performance that you experience with this wheelchair.

Comfort Chairs

Adult Comfort Chair

This adult comfort chair has a back style that uses soft cushioning and conventional wings to give postural support - optional extras including soft lateral support cushions are available. The chair is available with manual or electric controls of the 3 main operations; leg rest, tilt and back angle.

Comfort Chairs

Specialist Comfort Chair

This comfort chair is for adults with complex posture and pressure management needs. It has a unique multi-adjustable back that can be adjusted to ensure a range of postural asymmetries can be fully stabilised, accommodated and, where possible, corrected from the sacrum to the cervical spine.

Bed Chairs

Adult Bed Chair

This bed chair has a unique design which promotes skin immersion and envelopment. Pressure on the skin's surface is re-distributed, reducing the risk of pressure injury associated with prolonged sitting. It is easy to manoeuvre & maintain and is ideal for acute, hospice and homecare environments.

Rise & Recline Chairs

Adult Rise and Recline Chairs

This adult rise & recline chair has a dual tilt in space motor that maximises the pressure and posture management options for the carer / user with independent backrest and leg rest movement as well as a rise function for ease of standing, and has interchangeable seat & back cushion options.

Shower Chairs

Adult Tilt in Space Shower Chair

This adult tilt in space shower chair is the perfect choice for those who need a little extra support. The tilt in space chair is highly adaptable and can be moulded to suit the user's needs perfectly. It has an easy-tilt recline mechanism that puts both the carer and client at ease.

Office Chairs

Adult Office Disability Chair

This adult office chair is an ergonomic, modular disability chair that rises and reclines, and therefore is easy to prescribe. The electric height adjustment provides an excellent support, especially lumbar support when standing up from a seated position and is a great orthopaedic office disability chair.

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