Our Bariatric Seating and Chair Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of bariatric chairs including wheelchairs, comfort chairs, shower chairs, office chairs and desk chairs which by common practice covers all chairs with a weight capacity over 25 stones / 160kg. We can offer tailor made seating solutions including electrical seat length adjustment, electric drop-arm functions along with various pressure relieving solutions to suit the individual requirements of the client.


Bariatric Wheelchair

This bariatric wheelchair has a sleek look, a light frame, a stiffer, more responsive ride and has a transport weight of only 5kg. It also has a 20% stiffer and more responsive ride than more expensive chairs - you don't have to sacrifice quality, design or options to get an affordable wheelchair.

Comfort Chairs

Bariatric Comfort Chair

This bariatric comfort chair has a weight capacity up to 50 stones and uses the BLTR actions which gives separate control of the back angle, leg rest, and tilt & rise functions. With chairs of this weight capacity the portering aspect is to allow the chair to be moved around without the user in the chair.

Comfort Chairs

Bariatric Comfort Chair

Seating individuals with increased body weight and size can increase the risk of injury to carers, support staff and clinicians. This comfort chair has powered functions and heavy duty castors to make chair use and manoeuvrability smoother and safer for the user and their support network.

Shower Chairs

Bariatric Shower Chair

This shower chair is fully Geberit compatible and offers comfort and support while giving the user the freedom to manoeuvre the chair in and out of the showering / toileting area. Self propelled wheels can be set back on the frame as standard to improve stability for single or double amputees.

Office / Desk Chairs

Bariatric Office and Desk Chairs

This functional and stable bariatric office / desk chair has a weight capacity up to 275kg and is fully adjustable including backrest height and depth, armrest width and height adding the fold away function for transferring capabilities. It has a manual brake lever and electric brake to secure it.

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