Our Paediatric Seating & Chair Solutions

Our small but versatile range of paediatric seating solutions includes manual wheelchairs, activity seating, comfort seating, power chairs, car seats, office chairs, shower chairs & tilt in space seating and have been carefully selected to allow a solution that meets the growing needs of the client. For our paediatric seating solutions we suggest regular reviews to ensure the chairs provide the best level of on-going support.

Manual Wheelchairs

Paediatric Wheelchair

Welcome to the most intuitive paediatric wheelchair you've ever seen. An adjustment system designed to provide accurate, easy growth options. A system so easy to adjust it promotes proper positioning and wheel access so your child gains the active independence and mobility they want.

Activity Seating

Childrens Activity Seat

This activity seat is a stylish, fully adjustable, modular seating system which is easily interchangeable between static high, low, manual and powered bases. With 4 sizes available, it has a wide range of adjustment, making it the perfect fit for small children right up to early adulthood.

Comfort Seating

Tilt in Space Chair

This neurological care chair is supported by the latest "Position Seating Technology" and features modern design and independent dual tilt in space movement. It has fully adjustable seating options including seat width and seat depth and a weight capacity of 160kg / 25st.

Power Chairs

Childrens Power Chair

This power chair is equipped with powerful motors and front-wheel drive and is the ideal wheelchair for children, from toddlers to young teenagers. It has a flexible seating system for growing children and children with special seating needs and is available in three sizes and with a range of body supports.

Car Seating

Kids Car Seat

This fully adjustable car seat has excellent postural support options and tilt function. With 3 sizes and 3 colours available it has a five-point padded harness, an adjustable seat width and adjustable seat depth and is available to children & teenagers up to 75kg / 11.8st.

Office Seating

Childrens Powered Wheelchair

This electrically powered wheelchair, designed for indoor use, has been constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, office or at school. The chair enables easy movement in small spaces and is equipped with a riser function that lifts the user up to 750mm from floor level.

Shower Chairs

Infant Tilt in Space Shower Chair

This shower chair is a perfect alternative to a standard shower chair for those users who might benefit from the greater support offered by the mesh and the safety and comfort of the tilt function. Designed with our easy-tilt mechanism the user can be reclined smoothly and safely.

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